BACNET thermostats / controllers

Meitav­tec offers many control solutions with bacnet protocol interface for various hvac alternatives, by thermostats as well as ddc controllers. Suitable for b.M.S./b.A.S Our CTU controllers are BTL certified The hvac systems that can be controlled by our bacnet control solutions are: Fan coils Air conditions WSHP Vfs motors (ecm) fan coils Proportional heating and cooling valves VAV ROOF-TOPS Chilled beams and more.

CTU2601-24V I/O card

Input / Output card for BACNET communication networks, BTL Certified.

  • 24VAC DIN-Rail mounted DDC controller.
  • 8 D/I + 8 D/O + 2 A/I + 2 A/O + 3 Temperature inputs (or D/I)
  • BTL certified

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CTU2500 BACNET controller

Main Controller for Fan-Coils and AC units with integrated BACNET MSTP interface

  • 24VAC DIN-Rail mounted DDC controller.
  • Suitable for most HVAC applications
  • 8 D/I, 8 D/O, 5 A/I, 2 A/O + 2 PWM outputs
  • BTL certified

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Wall-mount, 24VAC thermostat, for Fan-Coil applications with integrated Passive IR (PIR) Occupancy Sensor and BACNET B.M.S. interface

  • Wall mount, 24VAC thermostat for 2 pipe or 4 pipe Fan-Coils
  • Integrated Occupancy Sensor (PIR)
  • BACNET/MSTP interface
  • IR option
  • Economy mode + Sleep Mode + Set point limits

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