Sensors and Accessories

PYROSENSE - Outdoor Snow Sensor PYROSENSE - Outdoor Snow Sensor
PYROSENSE Series (aerial)

An outdoor snow and Ice sensor

Communicating snow and ice sensor

Optional adjustable Mounting Bracket


Gutter snow and ice sensor

Ground/Pavement Snow and Ice Sensor

Upper Limit Temperature Sensor


Remote control unit for PYROSELF

Junction Box for PYRO snow sensors

WiFi interface module for PYROBOX/19 Series



Hand-held remote controller.
An infra-red remote controller,
suitable for Meitav-tec’s
thermostats and receivers.

  • On/Off
  • Modes: Cool / Heat / Auto-change-over / Fan only
  • Fan speeds: High / Medium / Low / Auto

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PYROSENSE - Outdoor Snow Sensor

PYROSENSE – Outdoor Snow Sensor

A stylish reliable Snow and Ice sensor; detects snow, measure temperature and send the information via a PYROCON12 controller to a heating system.

  • Electronic Snow and Ice sensor
  • 24VAC operated
  • 4 wires installation – 30 ft. cable supplied with the sensor
  • Simple user interface for parameters set via a PYROCON12 controller
  • Unique “Igloo” shape design with 4 anti-birds spikes

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PYROULS is an Upper Limit Temperature sensor, installed under the surface, sending the surface temperature to the PYROCON12, and PYROCON12-TRACE controllers.

  • Isolated NTC thermistor
  • 10KΩ @ 25°C ; 30 feet cable
  • 24VAC ; Rated Voltage – 300V
  • Semi rigid – Can to be pushed into a conduit

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PYROSB is a rust proof, adjustable length metal bracket for the PYROSENSE, snow sensor, of the PYRO-X snow & ice melting system.

  • Wall mounted with an adjustable, up to 24” length
  • Pre-drilled holes for 4 mounting screws
  • Wall plate opening enable indoors through wall wiring

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Infra-red remote control of the PYROSELF snow melting controller

  • Technician setting mode to view and adjust system parameters
  • Switch between temperature scales: °C / °F
  • Selectable turn On Auto / Manual modes and turn Off
  • Indoor remote-control – Optional


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Indoor wall mounted, IR Receiver and user Interface for PYROSELF snow melting sensor controller

  • 24VAC operated
  • Wired to the PYROSELF with 6 wires cable
  • LED indication showing the PYROSELF operating status
  • Built in buzzer

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Extension cable assenbly for the indoor unit (IRP_PYRO) Remote control infra-red receiver of the PYROSELF snow melting sensor controller

  • 30’ (10m) length
  • Male and female connectors


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