Snow melting

The PYRO Snow Melting control systems offer driveway, walkway, path, stairs, roof & gutter de-icing solution to prevent the formation of snow and ice at industrial, commercial and residential installation.

The controllers can be installed, with both, Hydronic and electrical heating systems. The unique staggering feature of the PYRO control allows the home or property owner to melt snow and ice in larger surfaces / areas compared to a common de­icing / snow melting system with the same available power supply on­site. The modularity of the PYRO system makes it the most suitable solution to any installation as the customer can choose the right configuration for his commercial or residential property needs. A special attention addressed; making the system friendly user to the installer, as well as, to end user A quick installation process and minimal wire connections make the system "full error proof".
PYROSELF - Snow sensor controller

PYROSELF – Snow sensor controller

PYROSELF is the ultimate “All in One” Snow Sensor & controller for Light commercial and residential ice & snow melting applications

  • Up to 2 activation zones (24A each 110-240VAC)
  • Unique “Igloo” shape with anti-birds spikes
  • User friendly programming with a large LCD display & remote control
  • Optional zones sequencing – Enable larger snow melting area with reduced power available
  • Technician testing / commissioning mode enable all year long testing

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PYROBOX1 IS A “PLUG AND PLAY” CONTROLLER FOR FROST PROTECTION, ICE AND SNOW MELTING APPLICATIONSPYROBOX1 is a snow melting controller, offer smart and easy control for small installations of Snow & Ice Melting system. Using the  PYROSENSE snow sensor or 3rd party snow sensor, upon receiving a signal from a snow sensor/s, the PYROBOX1 activate the 30A contactor, energizing heating element. Typical applications include driveways, sidewalks, loading docks, stairs, pavements and gutters.

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“All in one” Outdoor Snow and Ice Melting sensor, control and power distribution, ready for installation at commercial and residential installations.

  • Autonomous, fully automatic snow / ice melting control
  • Energy Management Algorithm (EMA) interface
  • Accommodates MI, constant wattage, self-regulating (PTC)
    and Hydronic heating systems
  • Multiple sensor capability and 4 separate outputs, work together or
    staggered, enabling larger snow melt area with reduced power
  • Simple to install and user friendly to operate

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PYROBOX is a “Plug and Play” controlled power distribution panel for frost protection, ice and snow melting applications.

  • Automatic control & power distribution for deicing and snow melting applications
  • Up to 5 activation zones
  • GFEP included (adjustable trip value)
  • Easy wiring for installers/technicians

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PYROSENSE - Outdoor Snow Sensor

PYROSENSE – Outdoor Snow Sensor

A stylish reliable Snow and Ice sensor; detects snow, measure temperature and send the information via a PYROCON12 controller to a heating system.

  • Electronic Snow and Ice sensor
  • 24VAC operated
  • 4 wires installation – 30 ft. cable supplied with the sensor
  • Simple user interface for parameters set via a PYROCON12 controller
  • Unique “Igloo” shape design with 4 anti-birds spikes

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PYROULS is an Upper Limit Temperature sensor, installed under the surface, sending the surface temperature to the PYROCON12, and PYROCON12-TRACE controllers.

  • Isolated NTC thermistor
  • 10KΩ @ 25°C ; 30 feet cable
  • 24VAC ; Rated Voltage – 300V
  • Semi rigid – Can to be pushed into a conduit

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PYROSB is a rust proof, adjustable length metal bracket for the PYROSENSE, snow sensor, of the PYRO-X snow & ice melting system.

  • Wall mounted with an adjustable, up to 24” length
  • Pre-drilled holes for 4 mounting screws
  • Wall plate opening enable indoors through wall wiring

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Infra-red remote control of the PYROSELF snow melting controller

  • Technician setting mode to view and adjust system parameters
  • Switch between temperature scales: °C / °F
  • Selectable turn On Auto / Manual modes and turn Off
  • Indoor remote-control – Optional


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Indoor wall mounted, IR Receiver and user Interface for PYROSELF snow melting sensor controller

  • 24VAC operated
  • Wired to the PYROSELF with 6 wires cable
  • LED indication showing the PYROSELF operating status
  • Built in buzzer

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Extension cable assenbly for the indoor unit (IRP_PYRO) Remote control infra-red receiver of the PYROSELF snow melting sensor controller

  • 30’ (10m) length
  • Male and female connectors


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The ultimate zone Staggering Controller for Snow Melt Circuits; Industrial, commercial and residential. Works with any new or existing De-Icing system!

  • 24VAC operated
  • Steady or Sequenced / Staggered zones, enabling larger area coverage with reduced power consumption
  • Modularity – 1 to 4 contactors
  • Simple, logical & accessible user Interface; quick installation

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