Corporate activities

Company mid-year lunch

After more than 2 years of COVID-19 forced entertainment break, we celebrated a mid-year lunch, with all the employees a full laughter show.

A little reminder that there is more than just working. The Meitav-tec family loves to party

Meitav-tec was proud to sponsor the girls scouts of Modiin, with summer camp shirts.

“Be Prepared”

The scouts slogan. We stand behind it and happy to support

Meitav-tec’s Women Day 2022

Sweets Deserts workshop at the Cooking Studio in Tel-Aviv
Wine, great food and lots of sweet deserts made by our team.
Meitav-tec’s Sweet Team

Meitav-tec celebrated International Women’s Day 2020

On March 8th, Meitav-tec women had a fun day at the old city of Jaffa.

A cruise in the Mediterranean sea in front of Jaffa and Tel-Aviv with Champagne and Chocolate and later, lunch at total darkness at #Nalagaat

Meitav-tec FUN DAYs, MAy 2018

After ensuring all our customers got their attention and needs in order we headed to our Trip in the north of Israel.

We traveled all the way to raft on the Jordan river, splashing our colleagues, paddling and enjoying the amazing landscape that surrounded us doing so.

At a beautiful Hotel, enjoyed an amazing diner and hurried up to a goodbye surprise party circling a fire camp on the banks of the Jordan river to our dear CEO Michal, we all wish you all the luck in your new role as a CEO at contel.

After an emotional night we woke up to the breath taking Golan Heights view, one of a time experience we boarded a hot air Balloon 120 meters above the ground.

We didn’t spend much time and headed to Nahal Ayun nature reserve in the Galilee Panhandle.

At the end of our hike we had a stop for fruits of the session, beers and some picture taking. Next stop was a water hike in one of the three main tributaries of the Jordan River where we had a social formation activities.

meitav galil 2018
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Fun Day 2016

Meitav-tec’s employees have enjoyed a corporate fun day nearby the Sea of Galilee in north east Israel.

Starting with breakfast at a herb-farm restaurant at Mount Gilboa overlooking the panoramic view of the Jezreel Valley, Nazareth, Tabor & Carmel mountains.
Continue with off road riding dusty ranger cars at the hot Jordan park & Kela spring. Refreshing by walking 1 kilometer in water at the Dalyot river estuary (Majeressa).
Early dinner at a meat restaurant by kibutz Ashdot Yaakov. Finalizing with an archeological tour of the floor mosaics, theatre, white marble pillars, ancient streets and a majestic audio visual show at the ancient Roman-Byzantine city of Beit She’an (Skitopolis)!


Fun Day 2014 – 10 years of Meitav-tec activity

Meitav-tec celebrated its 10th birthday with all the employees traveling for a trip to the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert area.

The trip included a peaceful breakfast in the mountains around Jerusalem, a hiking in an oasis on the shore of the dead sea, safari trucks journey in the Judean desert viewing the dead sea, relaxing time and mud body cover in the dead sea and a biblical style dinner.
It was a long day and great fun.


Fun Day 2011

Meitav-tec’s employees have enjoyed a lovely corporate fun day at the The Jezreel Valley near the Mount Gilboa of North of Israel.

It included driving in green cars between the natural springs, than Kayaks rafting, Team building games, and peaceful barbeque on the bank of river Asi. We came back tired but happy.
Looking forward to our next trip.


Fun Day 2009

Meitav-tec’s employees have enjoyed a marvelous corporate fun day at the beach.

This delightful day included party games, dancing, volleyball and a barbecue dinner.


Fun Day 2008

In November 2008, Meitav-tec’s employees had a fun day in Jerusalem mountains to mark a successful year in overseas and local sales.

We started the day with a breakfast at a restaurant in the middle of Eshta’ol forest on the outskirts of Jerusalem. This was followed by a visit at the special ‘Dripstone Cave’.
We were then provided with rangers, terrain vehicles, and off we went into the forests for the next two hours.
In the evening, we had a tour at ‘Mini Israel’ miniature city where we could see models of historical, religious and modern sites in Israel.
A special dinner was served at the Bet Govrin caves.


Fun Day 2007

In mid Summer 2007 we had a wonderful trip to the north of Israel.

We went on an amazing jeep tour at the mountain range. Of course, we enjoyed the beautiful and serene landscape, but what made this tour so much fun was that it was very bumpy all the way…
The highlight of the day was kayaking on the Jordan River. It was so much fun getting wet on a hot summer day…
Last but not the least, was the dinner at Bat Ya’ar Steak House in Amuka . We had a wonderful, rich dinner with country music in the background.


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