Why should you use the PYRO control system

Snow is falling fast and very often during the winter, so we have to do all in our power to increase safety and stay out of harm’s way. But how can you protect your family or employees against the dangerous snow that’s falling or the ice accumulation that appear in front of your home? Here’s where the PYRO system comes into play!

What is the PYRO system?

What the PYRO system does is that it offers complete control over the way snow and ice accumulate near your home or office. It’s a high quality de-icing solution that works for driveways, stairs, roofs, gutters, paths and walkways among many others. You just have to install the appropriate PYRO system based on your needs and then you won’t have a problem accessing the great results that come from using it.

A thing to note here is that the controllers have the ability to be installed with both electrical heating and hydronic systems, offering you the reliability and quality you wanted in the format you need. an important feature from this de-icing system is the fact that it helps you melt the snow on any surface size you want. Plus, you can use the power supply on site which makes the process faster, better and more efficient.

In addition to that, the PYRO system is created with modularity in mind. This allows you to install it without that much of a hassle and also customize it based on the needs of your property.

Which solution should I choose?

There are multiple PYRO systems that you can choose from which cater to specific types of users. PYROSELF is a solution suitable for the residential users that integrates a controller with remote control and a snow sensor that will allow you to deal with the snow quickly and efficiently.

Then there’s the PYROSTAG solution that delivers an extra controller which helps the snow melting systems even further. You also have the PYROTRACE system that integrates a heat tracing controller for pipes and gutters, not to mention the PYRO-KIT which is integrating only the control system.

If you are a commercial user, then you will need to use PYRO_X which is the complete de-icing and snow melting solution that integrates everything from power boxes to sensors, controllers and all the other extras. This is the perfect solution for companies that want to protect employees, clients and their own establishment against any issues that can appear from snow accumulation.


The PYRO system works seamlessly for as much as you need it. Since it connects directly to your own power source, you can keep it active for as much as you want. You are in complete control when it comes to how long it functions, not to mention the modular approach helps you focus on specific regions as well. The system will work in a matter of minutes and offer you the best results without requiring a massive amount of energy, in fact it’s cost efficient!

If you want a good solution for de-icing and snow melting, PYRO is the right option for you. All you have to do is to check out the PYRO system right now as it’s the perfect way to deal with ice and snow accumulation!

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