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The CTR-24-SUPER thermostat offers a selectable number of heating and cooling stages for Heat Pump or Heat/Cool systems.

The CTR-24-SUPER allows for the connection of an extra IR receiver panel for remote control from a second location.
It also offers an alarm output, a fault input and also indicates outdoor temperature.

Technical Specifications

  • Technical Specifications:
  • Main supply- 24VAC.
  • DIP switch selectable configurations:
    – Heat/Cool or Heat Pump system
    – Electric or Oil/Gas heat system
    – Heat Pump in Cool or Heat.
    – Temperature scale- °C or °F.
  • 5-1-1programmable; 4 periods per day, each with Set Heat and Set Cool
  • Multiple stages for Cooling and Heating
  • Alarm output- 24Vac dry contact, normally-open
  • Fault Input- 24VAc.
  • External temperature sensor- option
  • Outdoor temperature sensor- option
  • Extra IR receiver panel for remote control