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A smart, user friendly, efficient controller for Ice and Snow melt applications. Upon receiving a signal from the snow sensor/s, activate up to 5 electrical heating elements. A DIP switches configuration, activate the 5 zones, either continuously or according to a customized zones sequencing.

Integration to B.M.S. by BACNET or MODBUS over RS485 communication line or via Wi-Fi using the PYRO-WiFi adaptor.

Features & Benefits

  • 24VAC operated with a large backlit LCD display and an active zones indication
  • Up to 5 zones activation
  • Zones Sequencing option – Enable larger snow melting area with reduced power @ site
  • Multiple snow sensors input
  • BACNET MSTP and MODBUS RTU interface to Smart-Home system or B.M.S.
  • Master & Slave function – for large systems requirements
  • GFEP tripping indication on the LCD
  • Adjustable parameters:
    –  Set-Point
    –  Upper and Lower Limit Temperature
    –  Hold-On/OFF Delay
    –  Manual On time
    –  Zones time splitting between zones
  • Technician testing / commissioning mode for a quick easy system test, year round (even during summer or at high temperatures condition)
  • Energy Efficient algorithm
  • Enclosure Protection  –  IP20, Indoor Mounting
  • Entries  –  Connector 8 pin and 2  connectors 4 pins.
  • Max Approved Wire Sections Stranded 15 AWG (UL)
  • Box Material  –  ABS/PC
  • Mounting  –  Flash mounted
  • Supply  –  24VAC±20%, 50-60Hz, 3W
  • Outputs  –  5 outputs 24VAC, 1A Max each output
  • Inputs  –  Input for Snow sensor PYROSENSE (by Meitav-tec LTD)
  • Input for 2 temperature Sensors NTC 10K (by Meitav-tec LTD)
  • Input for 3rd party Snow sensor (CIT–1/GIT-1/HSC-5 series)
  • RS485 connections
  • Environmental Operating temperature  –     –10°F to 122°F (-10° C to 50°C)
  • Storage temperature  –    –40°F to 176°F (–40°C to 80°C)