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PYROSELF – Snow sensor controller

PYROSELF is the ultimate “All in One” Snow Sensor & controller for Light commercial and residential use.
A “Plug and Play” ice and snow melting control system with various adjustable parameters for complete performance


  • Up to 2 activation zones (24A each 110-240VAC)
  • Unique “Igloo” shape with “anti-bird nesting” spikes
  • User friendly programming and setting adjustment with a large LCD display remote control (RT_PYRO)
  • Optional sequencing between zones – Allowing larger snow melting area with less available power on-site
  • Optional indoor wall panel – IR receiver (IRP-PYRO)
  • Manual and Automatic modes. Selected by a manual switch or by the remote control
  • Adjustable Set points, Lower Limit Temperature, Hold-On/OFF Delay and Manual ON
  • Adjustable splitting time between zones
  • Technician testing / commissioning mode for easy and fast system testing all year long (even during summer or at high temperatures condition)
  • Energy Efficient algorithm
  • Comply with the UL standard. The model was certified until 2023 and the design + Components remained similar.


  • RT_PYRO – Remote controller unit
  • PYROSB – wall fixture metal bracket
  • IRP_PYRO – indoor wall mounted IR receiver unit
  • PYRO_XC10 – low voltage extension wires cable, 30’ (10 m.) long with 2 quick connectors – used for connection between the PYROSELF and the IRP_PYRO