The PYROBOX3 /3C /5-TRACE power boxes, inclusive of the PYRCON12-TRACE controller and interface panel,

Offer a smart and easy freeze protection HEAT- TRACING SYSTEMS control. It can operate up to 4 heating zones and one auxiliary zone with selectable sequencing method.


  • Automatic and Manual heater modes
  • Switchable temperature scales (°F or °C)
  • Adjustable heaters cycle, times splitting and hold on / off delay
  • Internal GFEP with adjustable tripping values
  • Suitable for indoor wall mount installation only
  • Energy saving temperature limit
  • Commissioning / Environment Test option
  • ETL Listed
  • Dimensions:
    Box3 / 3C – 11.8x15x6.1 inch (30x38x15.5 cm)
    Box 5 – 18x18x8 inch (50x50x25 cm)


  • PYROBOX3-TRACE – Power box with 4 2-phases (30A)contactors up to 227V & 120A output to heaters
  • PYROBOX5-TRACE – Power box with 5 3-phases (50A) contactors up to 600V & 600A output to heaters
  • PYROBOX3C-TRACE – Power box with 2 3-phases (50A) contactors up to 600V & 300A output to heaters