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PYROSENSE – Outdoor Snow Sensor

A stylish smart, reliable Snow and Ice sensor detect snow, measure temperature and send the information via a PYROCON12 controller to a heating system. The PYROSENSE is connected to the Snow Melting Controller (PYROCON12) with a 30 feet (10 m.), 24V 4 wires cable and communicate with the controller, providing the temperature value and the snow detection based on the adjustable parameters.

Features & Benefits

  • Electronic Snow and Ice sensor
  • 24VAC operated
  • 4 wires installation – 30 ft. cable supplied with the sensor
  • Up to 4 PYROSENSE sensors can be chained into one PYROCON12 controller
  • Unique “igloo” shape design – prevent snow accumulation on the sensor
  • Anti-bird nesting spikes
  • Plastic cap for summer time – protect from dust and dirt
  • Simple user interface for parameters set via PYROCON12 controller
  • Energy Efficient algorithm