CTU2500 BACNET controller

A simple to operate, easy to install and troubleshoot, communicating HVAC controller with BACNET protocol (BTL certified).

The factory pre-programming makes these controllers the best solution in the market for communicating FAN COIL and A/C applications.

24 VAC DIN-Rail mounted controller, for Air-Condition, WSHP and Fan-Coil applications.
With various configurations to meet the different HVAC needs.

Works with different options of wall panel:
ETN/X500     FMH/X500     IRP/X500     MTS/X500

Technical Specifications

  • Main input – 24VAC
  • F/C or A/C applications
  • On/Off or proportional outputs for Cool & Heat outputs
  • T1 sensor – Return Air Sensor
  • T2 sensor – Auto-change over sensor or Freeze protection
  • T3 sensor – Indoor coil sensor for Heat (soft-start)
  • Fault (1) input, dry contact, Normally Closed, when open all outputs turn off
  • Fault (2) input dry contact, for Occupancy Sensor
  • 3 Speeds output- 24VAC, 3Amp each – with Auto Speed function
  • Fan Only mode – selectable
  • Occupancy Sensor (12VDC supply) embedded logic.
  • Condensing Pump output -24VAC, 1A
  • Wall & flush mount panels, or IR panel – option
  • BTL certified
  • Dimensions: 8.1 x 3.77 x 2.36 inches (205 x 96 x 60mm)