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24 VAC Flush-mount thermostat, for Air-Condition and Fan-Coil applications.

Multiple Heating/Cooling stages, for HC or HP configurations. Economy Temperature Set-point and window contact input.
It offers useful features for cold locations, such as Low temperature alarm
and Emergency Heat.
The large, easy to read, LCD display, provides easy user interface.
Overall, the FMT24-SUPER is a sleek, attractive thermostat and a convenient solution for many HVAC systems.

Technical Specifications

  • 24VAC thermostat
  • User Selectable applications:
    – Heat/Cool or Heat Pump
    – Electric Heat or Oil/Gas
    – Heat Pump in Heat or Heat Pump in Cool
  • C or F temperature scale display
  • 1 Fan speed
  • Economy mode
  • Emergency Heat – compressor stops working; only Heat Element will be used for Heating
  • Low temp. alarm indication – when less than 6°C (45°F)
  • With/without compressor delay
  • IR remote control- option
  • Offset – for temperature reading adjustment
  • Set point limits – password protected
  • Dimensions: W3.6 x H3.14 x D0.86 inches (92 x 80 x 22mm)