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PYROBOX is a “Plug and Play” controlled power distribution panel for frost protection, ice and snow melting applications.

PYROBOX together with the PYROCON12 controller and interface panel, offer smart and easy control of the PYRO Snow & Ice Melting system.

Enable PYROSENSE or 3rd party snow sensor inputs. Upon receiving a signal from a snow sensor/s, the PYROBOX activate contactors, energizing heating elements according to a preset DIP switches configuration. Typical applications include driveways, sidewalks, loading docks, stairs, pavements and gutters.

Features & Benefits:

  • Automatic control and power distribution for deicing and snow melting
  • Integrated PYROCON12 electronic controller with backlit LCD display
  • Adjustable set-points, Upper and Lower Limit Temperature, Hold On/OFF Delay, Manual On and Time Splitting between zones
  • Integrated adjustable Ground Fault Sensor
  • User friendly interface
  • Up to 4 (PYROBOX3), or 5 (PYROBOX5), or 3 (PYROBOX3C) zones activation
  • Sequencing zones option – Enables larger snow melting area with reduced power consumption on site
  • Multiple snow sensors input – Optional
  • Energy Efficient algorithm
  • Technician testing / commissioning mode for a quick, easy system test, all year round (even during summer or at high temperature)
  • ETL certification (US & C)

PYROBOX models:

  • PYROBOX3 – Power box with 4 contactors (2p, 30A) up to 277V & 120A output to heaters
  • PYROBOX5 – Power box with 5 contactors (3P, 50A) up to 600V & 600A output to heaters
  • PYROBOX3C – Power box with 2 contactors (3P, 50A) up to 600V & 300A output to heaters + 1 contactor (2p, 30A)

PYRO-X General system layout with PYROBOX3/3C/5